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Cocoon Yoga Lab | Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

Join Tia Egglestone at Cocoon Yoga Lab for this unique experience. Free event, but must register to reserve space. Space is limited.

Cacao was first used as ritualistic medicine among the Shamans of the Aztec and Mayan empires in Central and South America, where cacao grows naturally and abundantly. We all know and have experienced that chocolate makes us feel good – and this is because cacao serves to open the anahata heart chakra.

This ceremony is a Mayan practice to open the heart centre with the warmth of cacao, and move dynamically through that space. We go from stillness of body and mind to freedom of the heart with movement and sound. We start with blessing the cacao and drinking it, followed by a guided meditation to get centred in our intentions and our bodies. We slowly evolve into movement with a few guided cues to allow the cacao to work from within and eventually allow the expression of freedom in dancing. We finish again by slowly coming back to stillness, back to where we started, and in observation of the changes within.

The cacao is natural and raw product.


February 14


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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