8th Street Market Summer Camp – June 2017

Justkids @ 8th Street Market from Justkids on Vimeo.

In the weeks leading up to the BITE food festival, anticipation for a large art project that had been in the works since March of 2017 grew.  On the docket was a large public art project with 3 world class artists, all pulled together by JustKids, a global creative house that specializes in curating art installations all over the world.

8th Street Market is the first major development in the Market District, and as a team, we all felt it was important to invest in beautifying these walls with art that expresses who we are in a fun and unique way. After looking through a whole roster of amazing artists, we landed on 3 favorites. Three completely different styles, scattered throughout the 8th Street campus, each telling a different story about our mission.

A Farmer’s Dream – @bicicletasemfreio


Ozarks – @alexis_diaz



Having artists from Los Angeles, Brazil, and Puerto Rico visit our little town and soak in all that Bentonville has to offer in terms of food, culture, and nature was such a privilege.  Being able to share our particular brand of hospitality with some amazing, creative people was pretty special.

In conjunction with the art installations, we had the pleasure of hosting the BITE Food Festival at the 8th Street Market campus.  The best restaurants in NWA, small and large, cranked out an amazing event that showcased the best that the region has to offer.  The community turned out in full force, hosting 6000 people over 2 days to “Taste.Sip.Sample.Discover.”  We are already looking forward to doing something bigger and better next year!

8th Street Summer Camp by Blk Elk