Travel the World at 8th Street Market

Travel the World at 8th Street Market

Gone are the days of having no variety to your food options and resorting to the same culinary experiences. The 8th Street Market is a unique integration of merchants spanning a myriad of international cuisine, giving our #marketarians an array of food choices with every visit.

To get your Asian fix, the 8th Street Market is filled with choices inspired by many cultures. Edwin and Ling are the powerhouse couple behind Dough Zone, introducing a combination of flavors, spices, and influences from Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and more! Try out their basil-fried chicken nuggets and steamed dumplings accompanied by their popular Tiger Tea for an ultimate treat. On cold, rainy days, head on over to Coop Ramen to warm your body! Ramen, rice bowls, pork, tofu – there’s something for everyone.

Having an international culinary experience does not mean you have to travel vast distances. There are ways you can travel the globe without even leaving your kitchen – you just have to have the necessary tools! Sweet Freedom Cheese is a South Market staple that allows its customers the freedom of their own culinary adventures by providing cheeses from all around the globe. Want to make a homemade, true-Italian pizza? Sweet Freedom Cheese has the Parmigiano Reggiano to set your pizza apart! You can also simply select cheeses from an array of countries for a DIY charcuterie board.

It wouldn’t be a roundup of international cuisine if we didn’t bring our own American comfort food into the mix! When you think American, you think BBQ. Where better to get your fix than the Piggy Shack? Ribs, baked beans, cole slaw, sweet tea – is there anything more American? Maybe. The smell of freshly baked cookies in the air, potato soup in the crockpot, hot chocolate on the stove – from the pot you use, to the mix of ingredients, the Fancy Frog Boutique provide you with the proper ingredients for a comfort food-filled experience. The Holler offers an assortment of truly American staples that can please just about anyone – burgers, beer, coffee, and good times – the Holler doesn’t just provide you with food, but an experience like no other.

The 8th Street Market embodies community, creativity, and culinary excellence. Brightwater is the epitomy of culinary experience, offering its students a vast knowledge in not only cooking and baking, but practices in nutrition and food security, something that is imperative to all cultures in the world of food. When you think international cuisine, you can’t help but think Mexican – and here at the 8th Street Market, who can resist the  temptations of Yeyo’s. Grab a burrito and a horchata for a true Mexican treat. And what’s a culinary experience without friends to share it with? Try the chips and dip trio to sample their queso, salsa, and guacamole among amigos!

Just in reading this, you’ve taken a trip around the globe. But there’s no truer way to experience international cuisine without traveling than heading down to the 8th Street Market!