Cocoon Yoga Lab Set to Emerge at 8th Street Market

Cocoon Yoga Lab Set to Emerge at 8th Street Market

Cocoon Yoga Lab is opening at the 8th Street Market on Saturday, September 28th, bringing a community experience to the practice of yoga.

The studio emphasizes inclusivity and personal transformation, with classes that fall inside four categories: fly, which refers to the unique aerial yoga offerings; float, which refers to the studio’s paddleboard yoga; flow, which encompasses more ‘traditional’ yoga offerings; and flourish, which includes training workshops and collaborative experiences with other 8SM tenants.

The owner of Cocoon Yoga Lab, Tammy Mores, said opening her first studio was aimed at making yoga accessible to more people throughout Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas.

“Calling the studio cocoon is tying it to nature,” Mores said. “I thought with yoga, the idea of metamorphosis is so valuable, and the name invokes that value.”Cocoon Yoga Studio Opens 8th Street Market

Mores said she is looking forward to all of the studio’s offerings, but believes there are some aspects that will serve to really set it apart.

The studio has large steel beams installed in the ceiling for its aerial yoga offerings, which anchor the specialty hammocks used in aerial yoga. Beyond offering new and advanced yogis a novel challenge, aerial yoga also calls back to the cocoon theme established in naming the studio.

The flow classes offered at Cocoon are sure to have something for everyone. True beginners can build a strong foundation with ‘fresh start’ classes, which will focus on transitioning between postures, integrating proper breathing in a vinyasa-style practice. The studio also offers flow classes from ‘mello-ish’ to ‘dynamic,’ depending on what kind of class is suited to the individual.

Another offering unique to Cocoon Yoga Lab is the ‘feet up flow’ course, allowing yogis to experience the “wow factor” of inversion without worrying about undue pressure on the neck, thanks to specialized Feet Up Trainers.

Cocoon Yoga Lab will also offer #SelfCareSundays, anchored by a yin and yang flow, but really just giving you the time to reflect, meditate, and make connections in the community.

Cocoon has a diverse staff of 20 teachers, and will offer as many as 40 classes per week.

“All of our teachers bring something different to the table, both in style of practice and outlook,” Mores said. “And part of the reason the studio has so many teachers is because I want people who practice with us to be able to find an instructor who really resonates with them.”

Cocoon will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, September 28th. Follow along with our event on Facebook. You can learn more about plans and pricing on